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A)Is this plugin TCPA and Can spam friendly?

Is Your Current SMS Software Compliance With The New TCPA Law Effective Oct 16, 2013?

Are you aware that you can get fined up to $500 to $1500 Per msg sent?

YES  This plugin is updated for 2014 and has all the proper verbiage for TCPA and Can spam laws and requirements!

Under the new TCPA Laws as of 10/16/2013 at least here in the USA (don’t know if this effects outside usa) – We need a Terms and Conditions which has the proper verbage for SMS Text Message signup. We have done that for you and setup the pages which is included with the plugin!

Remember we are talking about the Can Spam act also
This plugin is fully compliance with the new rule and Can Spam law,
Every message that is sent out, will Automatically include the unsubscribe info, and biz info. included with the plugin is a text document for you to copy and place into the settings page the text and you just add the link to your opt out page!

New Rule #1: You must have Prior express written consent
You must have unambiguous written consent required before sending a telemarketing call or SMS text message. That means the consumer must have a clear understanding that they will get a telemarketing phone call or an SMS text message from a specific business and advertise before they receive the telemarketing phone Call or the SMS text text message!

New Rule #2:  No “established business relationship” exemption
Established business relationships no longer relieves advertisers of prior unambiguous written consent requirement. You must  build a new list with express written consent. You should have you old list members confirm that they agree to the new Terms and Conditions with the Proper Verbiage!

Verbiage recommended to use by TCPA:
I am confirming that I consent to receive marketing SMS Marketing texts, offers, and coupons, sent through an (automatic telephone dialing system or an automatic Email to SMS system) from “Your businessname“, at the (“phone number”.(Twillio number) or (From: Email address) I understand that consent is not a condition of purchase. I agree to the Terms and conditions listed on the SMS Terms and Conditions page.  We always respect your privacy

We designed and updated this plugin to have the proper verbiage, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. Its all done for you!

B) Does this plugin violate the SMTP gateway?
NO this is a Permission based email marketing system and is not considered SPAM and not considered commercial use because you have the end users permission to send them messages because they have to agree to the Terms and conditions and Can Spam, TCPA agreement when they Opt in!

C)How does it work?
Messages are sent to the mobile phone carriers by email and then the mobile phone carriers forwards the email message to the mobile phone devices as an SMS Text message!

If this is an email why do we need TCPA requirements?

Because the end result is still an SMS Text message!

1)Is This plugin international friendly, how do I find supported carriers?

Yes, There are many carrier list on the net for USA, Canada and many other international carriers so as long as the international carrier has an email extension for your local area then you can use the plugin. check the lists HERE: , , ,

SMS Gateway equipment is regulated via the Mobile Telegraphy Act in the UK and can be used legally by any company to send SMS to their own customers or prospects. Vodafone UK

Here’s what some other users do:

They contact the carriers directly through phone and email and confirming results they get from using Google: [carrier name] email extension OR how to email text to [carrier name] users Link to carriers:

2)Any on-going fees?

No other fee’s, one-time fee with free updates

Unlimited vs. Unlimited + Developers. What’s the difference?

Unlimited install on all your own wordpress sites only!

Developers install on all your wordpress sites and client sites!

3)How do users subscribe via mobile device?

The plugin adds a signup page to your wordpress site.

You can use a QR code that takes them directly to the page your signup form is on OR simply share the URL link to send people to your signup page!

4)Can I use this on clients’ sites?

Yes, but only with the Developers License

5)What should I have in my terms & conditions?

The plugin creates the pages for you. You get a SMS terms & conditions, a Privacy Policy page, A signup page and an Opt out page!

6)It’s not working for me or I don’t like it –  how do I request a refund?

Do not post in thread! We have a 30 day return policy so I don’t want your personal info displayed. Please submit a ticket at the support link and give me your last name and the PayPal email address and purchase details so we can process your refund!

7)How do I download and install the plugin

A) After you purchase the plugin you will be sent to a Register to members area page. You will complete registration and be able to sign into the members area and download the plugin!

no need to unzip the download. download plugin, save to your computer and upload the plugin within wordpress admin area. Go to plugins-add new-upload-browse/submit and activate.

Also in the members area are instructions, Tips and training for you to view and help you setup the product!

8)Can we text a short code to Opt in?

No the signup page and form on your site is generated by the plugin. So people Opt in from the OPT in page and form. A way around this is to use a QR code that people can scan that links to the page displaying the form.

9)I Had an old plugin that did something like but it was really out of date.

This plugin is updated for 2014 and it is TCPA and Can-Spam ready!

10)How about an automated opt-out?

The plugin creates a page and form for automated opt-out!

11)I am living and working outside the usa, no USA phone number, can I use this plugin?

Yes, as long as the international carrier has an email extension for the mobile phone carrier!

12)Can I use my number in my country and foward sms text to usa phone number?

Yes you can send to any carrier who has the email extention!

The messages are actually coming from the email address that you have on file with your one specific WordPress site you’re using the plugin on and sending to a phone number and email extention.

You can add US or international carriers as long as they have an email extension for their text. For example: Verizon’s extension is T-Mobile’s is

13)Error while install: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed?

Did you unzip the folder ?,  Do not unzip! It should be downloaded and saved to your computer and then uploaded within wordpress admin area, no unzipping or modifications are needed. If this is not the case, I can take a look personally to see why this error may be occurring.

if you unzipped the folder or used FTP  you can check to see that you do not have a folder and another folder inside that containing the main php file! You should just have one folder and your php files and a template folder!

14)Does not look like we can use in Australia. Our carriers are Telstra, Vodaphone, Optus etc, the one you have in your list I don’t recognize. I don’t want to get a script that I will not be able to use. Can you check please if we can use your script in Australia?

Looks like only Telstra has it and you have to ‘activate’ it as a feature.

15)Can I add or delete carriers?

Yes Go in your WordPress admin panel, look to the left, you’ll see the Email to SMS tab. Scroll over it and click the option that says configure carriers. There should be a set of preset USA carriers, you can keep or delete them, modify as you wish. You’ll also see options to add carriers. look at the carrier list here:

16)Can we import our subscribers into the WordPress SMS plug-in in excel / CSV format 
No but once you build a list you can export csv format!

17)what is a good source for internationals carriers: and , ,

18)Does this plugin use the SMTP gateway? Yes!

What are we using the email for ??????? SMTP GATEWAY has nothing to do with SMS directly, Its about the email and SPAM!

Permission based email is not SPAM and not considered commercial use because you have the end users permission to send them a message! They have to Opt in and give you their permission!

A) To sent a Text Message, a means of communication to a permission based non spam user!

B) We are not charging to send the email or text message! Even if we where charging the client it would still be permission based!

Yes the plugin uses the SMTP gateway : The only SMTP GATEWAY that is being used by this software is on your hosting account. If you contact your hosting company and ask them this question: “Can I build a permission based list and email my permission based list”

The answer YES because this is a permission based marketing system
C)If this is an email why do we need TCPA requirements?

Because the end result is still a SMS Text message!

19)Is there a way to adapt or change the from email address: “”.

1. Install the plugin “Send From”
2. simply put the “company name” or whatever you want in the “From Name” part of the plugin settings section;
3. use a valid email address on your server

20)The question is HOW???? What is the short code? I dont want my customer to go into the backend area. I want to setup a page with a short code that will allow my customer to send messages to the subscribed users.

There are no Short codes or Long codes used in this plugin!

This is an email to SMS system. If you like you can add a plugin to wordpress to hide wordpress like wp client panel or wp admin to allow your client to have access to the backend without seeing wordpress.

Some people charge a fee to send out messages for there clients!

21)Do I need an autoresponder?

No it is not necessary!

22) How do I test the plugin ?

Signup as anyone else would through the signup form!

Then go into admin and select yourself and sent a test massage!

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