Maintaining Multiple Websites Would Require Multiple Hours Of Content Management.

"At Long Last, You Can Broadcast Your Content Automatically And Efficiently On Several Pages On Any Server In Just Three Simple And Convenient Steps!" 

Save Time, Increase Productivity, And Ensure Expediency With What Should Be The Best Content Syndicating Program Money Can Buy!

Dear Valued Businessmen, Webmasters, and Friends who are looking for the next big thing,

Suppose you're running several websites, hoping to promote the same products during certain periods. What's the number one problem you'll most likely encounter? Let me guess. It's those "oh boy, I have to change the source code of each and every website to display my new products" moments, right?

Suppose you have a hundred or even a thousand affiliates who have pledged to invest their time and efforts to promote what you have to offer. Again, what's the number one problem you'll most likely encounter?

Let me guess. It's the rather tedious need to have each and every one of them display your products on their own websites, right? It's the need to have uniformity in the various campaigns so that the same essence of the same products will be conveyed. It's the need to make sure that every single one of your affiliates will be able to display your products with ease so that none of them will get left behind when it comes to earning potential and opportunities. After all, they have given you their trust and you wouldn't want to let them down.

Suppose you're running several websites, hoping to conquer a certain niche or a certain segment of the market. What's the number one problem you'll most likely encounter? That's right! It's the constant need to change your source code to reflect the changes in your content!

Indeed, whether it's for business or for other reasons, when it comes to the net, content is king.

The king, however, demands some rather laborious service. If you want to display updated content on many websites, you'll have to manually change each and every one of them – yes, individually – starting from the overall design to the source code.

This is already a very tedious task for someone who's already familiar with web programming languages, what more with someone who can't distinguish HTML with XHTML, XMS, PHP, or CSS.

And in this age where more websites means more chances of success, where domination of any market or any segment of the market is determined by numbers, where constant updating has become the name of the game for information dissemination and better search engine rankings, broadcasting content on several websites has transcended mere novelty – it has become a must!

Only $27

If you're just running a single website, then there would be no problem. Just change the code to reveal the visible changes you want to employ on such a website. Easy, no?

But what if you're running 20, 30, 50, 100, or 1,000 websites, through your own efforts or through the efforts of your affiliates? With the way internet business is being conducted today, having multiple websites is a viable way to compete with a saturated market, after all. A great 92% of webmasters, studies show, are running more than one website, and 83% of them are running more than 5 websites.

How can they cope with the many problems of updating several pages?

They'll have to change the source code of each and every page they want to change and this is a menial task that can prove quite tiring and time-consuming.

They'll have to know the basics of programming languages for the web to be able to come up with solid changes that will not compromise the integrity and aesthetic presentation of their websites.

They'll have to invest so much time to keep up with the updates they want displayed on their websites.

They'll have to sacrifice the other demands in their lives just to make sure that their websites remain updated.

These are very demanding requisites. 
There must be an easier solution, right?

Setup content you're using frequently, like links to your legal docs, disclaimers, links to support and contact, add 1 line of code and control the content from 1 place.

Split test your content, see what's converting better and focus on the winner.

The Benefits Of CENTRALIZING YOUR CONTENT Across Several Pages

Transmit the same piece of content to 1 or 1000s of pages with the same easiness. Change it once and see the changes done in ALL pages.

No need to edit pages manually for content you change often. Just login to Turbo Syndicator and control everything from there!

Now You Can Update Content On Several Websites As Easily As You Can Recite The A-B-Cs!

With Turbo Syndicator  you don't have to edit the content on each and every page for each and every site anymore every time you're going to update your content. Syndication will allow you enter a control panel, input your changes and new content, and it will be broadcasted to all subscribed avenues, namely websites in this case.

Watch the video on the right where Jesse Ali from talks about the benefits of centralizing your content using Turbo Syndicator.


The Easiest Way To Syndicate & Multi-Display Your Online Content in A Snap!

Turbo Syndicator will allow you to publish and broadcast content in ways that even an 8-year old can manage to accomplish. Yes, it's that easy! And the results are astounding! There is no limit to the many potent applications that you can have with syndication and this is further magnified by the sheer power and the many features of the Turbo Syndicator engine.

Here is why Turbo Syndicator can become your best bet for online success:

Broadcast your products across multiple websites you own, regardless of their servers. No need to manually configure each and every one of them. Simply paste a code and update. Your updates will be displayed on all concerned websites!

 Broadcast your products across multiple websites that other people own. Simply provide them a code that they just paste on their websites and every time you post an update, such as a new product or a new bundle, it will also be displayed on their pages. 

Make your content syndication an extension of your follow-up system. Deliver your news to your subscribers in REAL TIME, meaning, their websites will flash the news as soon as you upload it into the Turbo Syndicator 's control panel!

Create a streaming newsletter that will be broadcasted immediately and automatically on syndicated websites, whether they're yours or other people's. Now, everyone, as in EVERYONE, has access to such a newsletter the moment it is uploaded!

Indeed, the possibilities are endless! With a certain degree of creativity, the Turbo Syndicator can easily become your partner for online prominence!

Conquer any niche! Win any market! Crown yourself as the new czar of information! Syndication is truly made easy with the Turbo Syndicator!

The Turbo Syndicator's Philosophy: Leave It Be And Love The Results!


Enter the control panel and pick the specifications you want.

load it up

Enter the content you want to display.


Generate the code, distribute, and allow the Turbo Syndicator to do all the work!

Content Management As Easy As 1-2-3.

Thereafter, the content you have inputted will be displayed across numerous pages throughout the World Wide Web. Whether they may be hundreds, thousands, or even millions... syndicating is made simple in one step via the Turbo Syndicator!

Just set it up, load it up, start it up, and leave it be... and you'll TOTALLY fall in love with the results!


Add your content piece in your sales letter

You can add a piece of content - of any kind - in your sales letter or to any page you want to track conversions. 

Add your tracking code in your thank you page

You can add the tracking code OF A SPECIFIC PIECE OF CONTENT to your thank you page or to any other page you want to relate your content page with.

Check how the content convers visitors to buyers

Login to Turbo Syndicator and read the numbers! See what converts and what not and calibrate your efforts accordingly!



"Turbo Sundicator has saved me a lot of time and made me re-look at how I manage all the websites I run for my self and clients.

If you run more than one website I highly reccommend you give this a run the time saving factor alone is huge.

Just log into one admin and change out the content on any webpage you have your bit of script in save and done. Just for this part of the script I give it 10/10 and a big thumbs up. And as an added Bonus there is tracking script as well that you can put on any page and track through the admin.

So make that two big thumbs worth to John and his crew for this package."


"I have been following John for a long time and learned to know and appreciate him and his products. John is what you may call a serial entrepreneur :) He is very creative as well as methodic, takes great pride in his creations and always makes sure they are as a good as they can be.

Turbo Syndicator is no exeption. Once again john produced a clean, easy on the eyes and simple to use product."


Money Back Guarantee!"

We want you to feel proud for this purchase because we know the value of this solution offered. Get the script right now (just click the link below) and start using it. If you're not thrilled just ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide if this solution is THAT good as described here or not. If at any time in thirty days you decide this script was not what you needed then you will get your money back asap. No questions asked at all.

Only $27

I believe this software is a tool that no webmaster or designer should be without!

Turbo Syndicator is a PHP Software.
Turbo Syndicator is NOT a Wordpress plugin, neither does it work with blogs.
But you can add the output code to your blog or wordpress site to display your content!
A PDF Step by Step illustrated manual is also delivered.

Software Disclaimer: The software is distributed "as is" and with no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including and without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The user (you) must assume the entire risk of using the software. In no event shall any individual, company or organization involved in any way in the development, sale or distribution of this software be liable for any damages whatsoever relating to the use, misuse, or inability to use this software (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information, or any other loss)."

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